TechBrite’s LED High Bay Retro provides a viable alternative to replacing existing linear fluorescent high bays. The LED High Bay Retro is popular in applications where existing fixtures are “piped” or hard-wired to the power source. It is one of TechBrite’s highest LPW solutions, boasting over 150 LPW in the highly efficient lumen packages, qualifying for DLC Premium. The standard 0-10v dimming allows for maximum control. The “C” and “D” packages allow an integral occupancy/ daylight sensor for even greater field adjustability. The LED High Bay Retro is the “plug and play” answer for difficult-to-replace fixtures, while offering maximum controllability.


  • Retro kit installs in existing
    fluorescent fixture housing
  • Reuse existing metal housing
  • Fits fixtures 12.5” and wider
  • 0-10v Dimming standard
  • DLC Premium—Classified as retro kit and new fixture
  • Limited warranty: 5 years on luminaire


  • Retrofit Existing Fluorescent High Bays
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Gymnasiums
  • Task Lighting
  • Retrofit Fixtures “Piped”



Series Length Width # of Boards Type Line
Reflector Color Temp Lumens/ Watts Options
RB High Bay Retro 4 4 Foot 12 12”+ 6 6 Boards SS LED 1 Universal
B Ballast/
Driver Cover
5 5000K 5000K 0000
Please see
Accessories Guide link
          4 4000K A 10990/ 72w
              3 3500K B 13850/ 92w
                  C 17600/ 127w  
          D 19780/ 147w  
          E 24470/ 173w  
          F 25460/ 182w  


High Bay Retro, 10990lm, 71w, 154LPW
Download PDF  |  IES
High Bay Retro, 13850lm, 90w, 153LPW
Download PDF  |  IES
High Bay Retro, 17600lm, 125w, 140LPW
Download PDF  |  IES
High Bay Retro, 19780lm, 145w, 136LPW
Download PDF  |  IES
High Bay Retro, 24470lm, 171w, 142LPW
Download PDF  |  IES
High Bay Retro, 25460lm, 180w, 142LPW
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