The TechBrite LED Low Bay is the perfect solution for commercial or industrial applications requiring lower light levels than a high bay. The nominal 2×2 design is compact, yet large enough to allow for a variety of features. High efficiency lumen packages boast 140 LPW. TechBrite’s LED Low Bay can be equipped with a multitude of options; such as: Photocell, On/Off Sensors, Gripples, Cords/Plugs, Wireguards, Lens, etc. Designed to replace metal halides, T8, or T5 high bays, the Low Bay is an economical choice for retrofit or new construction. The cost-effective Low Bay will quickly become your “go-to” LED Low Bay.


  • LPW > 140
  • Fully enclosed fixture
  • Easy-to-install 2 foot design
  • Customize with countless adders
  • Same fixture profile as Express Bay
  • 0-10v Dimming standard
  • Limited warranty: 5 years on luminaire


  • Ideal replacement for traditional HID fixtures
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Task Lighting
  • Gymnasiums


Series Length Width # of Boards Type Line
Reflector Color Temp Lumens/ Watts Options
LB Low Bay 2 2 Foot 20 20” 4 4 Boards SS LED 1 Universal
B Ballast/ Driver Cover 5 5000K 5000K 0000
Please see
Accessories Guide link
          4 4000K A 6720/ 46w
              3 3500K B 8210/ 58w
                  C 10090/ 73w  
          D 11580/ 87w  
          E 12310/ 94w  


LED Low Bay 7874lm, 57w, 133LPW
Downloads  PDF | IES

LED Low Bay w/ Lens 5129lm, 45w, 114LPW
Downloads  PDF | IES


Last maintained: July 2021