TechBrite’s Wireless Control Enabled System Solution is capable of dimming, photocell, on/off, zone control, and individual fixture control—all wirelessly, and without pulling control (purple & gray wire). Ideal for office, plant, classroom, stairwell, etc. With its wide range of capabilities, our Wireless Control Enabled System Solution is a perfect addition to any lighting retrofit project.


  • Save installation time and money with completely wireless controls
  • No control wires necessary
  • Control fixtures wirelessly
  • No power/ no battery needed for
  • Surface mount or outlet box mount rocker switch
  • Install Occ and Photo Sensor in any location throughout the building up to 150 feet


  • Conference Rooms—separate zones for presentation and seating
  • Warehouse—separate zones for workspaces requiring different light levels
  • Gymnasiums—different light levels for
    sporting events and theatre
  • Offices—separate zones for workspaces
  • Offices—daylight harvesting

Wireless Control System Overview