Over 1 million kits sold! The LED Tube Retro Troffer is the easiest to install retro kit in the industry. The TechBrite LED tube retro kit includes all items to convert an existing troffer fixture to a UL approved retrofitted fixture. The kit contains sockets rated for direct wire voltage ensuring a proper, safe installation with direct voltage TLEDs or ballast driven TLEDs. The aluminum reflector provides increased lumen output and covers the line/load electrical connection. The TechBrite LED tube retro kit is a fast, easy, and economical solution to upgrading existing troffer fixtures.


  • Fits most prismatic lens troffers (2×2 or 2×4)
  • Available in 2×2 & 2×4
  • Pinch fit reflector for quick installation
  • Kit includes: reflector, sockets, mounting
    brackets, mounting screws, and LED tubes (optional)
  • Limited warranty: 5 years on luminaire


  • Office
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Hospitals



Series Length Width # of Tubes Type Socket Type Reflector Wiring
R Retro Troffer 2 2 Foot 21 2×2 2 2 lamp SS LED Tubes X Shunted WXX White 00P0 Prewired
  4 4 Foot 21 2×4 3 3 lamp   U Unshunted MXX Miro 4 0000 No Wiring
      4 4 lamp          
      6 6 lamp          


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